Where I Return by Despina Karvounis (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series)

Silver Birch Press

Where I Return
by Despina Karvounis

wild peach blossoms visit once a year
in announcing the hope of spring

legends awake in baseballs fields
once covered with trees

kids laughter at parks rekindling
willful pride in freshly cut lawns

picket fences and slanted roofs
a welcoming smile . . .

there are no strangers here, all
have, blended in friendly greetings

The tree at the backyard has assumed
the pose of a philosopher

climbing ivy snuggles it tight
it dresses the branches remaining

faithful, when leaves in red and gold
adorn the ground bright

winter frost paints it all a dreamland
in ambiance of white stillness

at first it may seem just, and only a place
just like, any other place under the stars

But, I, anew, I, where . . . A place
a heart within me enchanted.

IMAGE: “Springtime on Long Island” by Dora Sofia Caputo. Prints…

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