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Source: cban e_News, Thursday, 5 March, 2015
Protests halt approval of GE Trees in Brazil
GM Apple Update and Actions in Canada
Breaking News! Protests halt the approval of GE Trees in Brazil! 
On March 5, a meeting of a Brazilian government agency that was set to approve genetically engineered (GE) eucalyptus trees was stopped by 300 peasant farmers from La Via Campesina. 1000 women of the MST Landless Workers Movement also occupied the Brazil Suzano company facilities in an action that included the destruction of GE eucalyptus seedlings. See here for photos and details:

On March 3 CBAN organized a solidarity protest at the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa as part the Emergency International Day of Action to Stop GE Trees, one of protests on 4 continents. You can see the photos from some of these actions here:

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NEWS: Law Inducts First Members Into National Art Honor Society

The Advocate Online

(Photo courtesy Morgan Hennessey) (Photo courtesy Morgan Hennessey)

By Morgan Hennessey – Columns Editor

This year, Jonathan Law High School has started its own chapter of the National Art Honor Society, and thus far, it has been a major success.

With Miss Main, one of Law’s visual art teachers, as the chapter’s sponsor, and senior Mathilda Hill as President, the society has many plans for the near future.

“The National Art Honor Society recognizes students with outstanding artistic ability,” Main said. “We specifically focus on the discipline of visual art.”

The chapter currently has 12 members composed of 11 seniors and one junior. They hope to reach higher participation in years to come.

All 12 members were inducted February 24 during an intimate ceremony involving families and friends in Law’s media center.

“The Art Honor Society is a really great opportunity for the students in this school who want to pursue art as a…

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