Fancy or Casual? A Ladyperson’s Guide to All Occasions

From the ad pages of your favorite magazines come these simple instructions. Just follow along, and you’ll always make the right decision.

* * *

1. BE FANCY WHEN you make an exit.

blinkconnelly Even a simple prison break is cause for dolling up a bit. Before you run away along the drainage ditch, take a moment to plan your outfit. Pair leather with lace, and don’t forget a darling ankle boot to show off your Shawshanks.

* * *

2. BE FANCY WHEN you want a promotion.

blinkrougechanel Dress for the job you want, ladies: the job of the British taxicab driver who goes home at the end of every day and dumps a bag of cash on her bed and rolls around in it, because she’s the highest earning lass on wheels and she’s got the satin slacks to prove it.

* * *

3. BE CASUAL WHEN you need to reach…

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