Let’s talk realistically about LinkedIn publishing for a second

The Context Of Things

Just read this article on Forbesabout LinkedIn publishing and how it’s poised to become the next great media company. Not sure I 100 percent agree, but my opinions are neither here nor there; I’m one person, and I’m not necessarily an accomplished professional. Still, I’ve had a bunch of experience with the LinkedIn publishing platform — I have 190 posts on there at present, I think — so I thought I’d offer a few thoughts. I even wrote about “the inherent contradiction” in LinkedIn embracing content marketing back when, so maybe I know more than you or I think I do. (In reality, probably not.) Anyway, here we go. 

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One thought on “Let’s talk realistically about LinkedIn publishing for a second

  1. Why are you snagging everyone else’s work? I realize you are just starting a blog, and you want the search engines to find you, but, I don’t believe what you are doing is a nice thing to do. It seems fairly obvious to me, you have a related post plugin, and all you have to do is type in a few keywords, and BAM, you have 50 new posts, but , I don’t think this is right. I re-blog some posts to give exposure to struggling writers. I do that to bring particular posts to the attention of more readers. I don’t do it, for any other reason. Certainly not to get search engines to rate my site. You have managed to leave your link at hundreds of sites, and I believe that is a form of SPAMMING. Please write a post for yourself, and maybe explain what you are doing, and what this is all about. Thanks, and DO PLEASE RESPOND!

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