The Infill: 12 March 2015

The Book & Paper Gathering

We’re back for a third time to fill you in on a fortnight’s worth of news and images from around the conservation world…

The Infill: 12 March 2015 

It’s true what they say about cats and the internet

We’ve been posting prolifically on our Facebook page over the last two weeks, and there have been some real crackers. Perhaps we caught your interest with the revelation that the Vatican has received a ransom demand for a stolen Michelangelo letter. Maybe we piqued your curiosity with the tale of the deadly dangers of mapmaking in the 16th century. It’s also conceivable that gorgeous infrared images of spring were simply too tempting for you to ignore. But which, you may wonder, was our single most successful Facebook post over the last two weeks? Which, in fact, has been our second most popular post of all time?* What subject was so tantalising that it drew…

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