Three Practical Hurdles to a Universal Basic Income

Collective Intelligence

The campaign for the introduction of a universal basic income (UBI) has been gaining ground in recent years. What was once a slightly obscure proposal, beloved by certain political theorists and welfare reformists, is now being embraced as a potential solution to the threat of technological unemployment. I myself have written about it on several occasions, mainly focusing on different political and philosophical arguments in favour of its introduction.

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Travel trailer ‘total loss’ after fire along I-295 in Hanover

rvfire Travel trailer catches fire along I-295 (SOURCE: Lexi Ferrell)

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. – A travel trailer is a total loss after a fire broke out Sunday afternoon along I-295 in Hanover County near Creighton Road.

Hanover Fire and EMS officials said a pickup truck pulling a travel trailer was coming back from New Kent County when a semi passing the vehicle spotted smoke around 4:20 p.m.

The driver of the pickup pulled over, saw smoke billowing from the trailer and realized it had caught fire.

Fire crews arrived and extinguished the blaze, but the trailer was a “total loss,” according to William Jones with Hanover Fire and EMS.

A family of four and their dog made it away safely.

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