the grant economy as tragedy of the commons

Grants, grants, grants. Every academic likes getting them. And every administrator wants more of them. In some fields, you can’t be an active researcher without them. In all fields, the search for grants grows ever more competitive.

PLOS recently published the results of a survey of the grant-writing process in the U.S. Drawing on a nonrandom sample of astronomers and social & personality psychologists, and asking about their applications to NASA (astronomers), NIH (psychologists), and NSF (both), they reported their researchers having applied for four grants in the past four years, on average, and received one. Proposals took an average of 116 hours to write.

While respondents did note some non-pecuniary benefits to grant-writing, comments suggested that many researchers simply gave up after repeated failures, judging it a poor use of their time. In the words of one respondent:

I applied for grants from the NSF in 2004, 2005…

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Venezuela – Petro-Sozialismus im Niedergang

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Präsident Maduro mit der Nationalflagge. | Bildquelle: REUTERS

In Venezuela sind Mangelwirtschaft und Inflation nichts Neues. Doch der Ölpreis-Verfall hat die Lage verschärft. Zugleich nehmen die Spannungen mit den USA zu. Präsident Maduro sieht sich von Feinden umzingelt – und regiert nun ohne Parlament. [mehr]

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from – Die Nachrichten der ARD

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Wale Previews New Music with Kanye West

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Wale was recently chosen to be creative liaison for his hometown NBA team, the Washington Wizards. One of his first orders of business was to re-design the Wizards’ jersey. He ended up reaching out to Kanye West for help and it looks like the design wasn’t the only thing they worked on. Earlier today, Wale snapchatted new music with him and Mr. West that will be presumably be on his upcoming album. How the snapchat leaked? Who knows, but we’re glad it did. Stream the clip in its entirety above and be on the lookout for more from the two soon. Salute!

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Poroschenko kommt mit klarer Botschaft nach Berlin

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Joachim Gauck (links) empfängt Petro Poroschenko mit militärischen Ehren | Bildquelle: REUTERS

Wenn der ukrainische Präsident Poroschenko heute nach Berlin kommt, dürften die Gesprächsthemen wohl klar sein: Der Konflikt mit Russland, der schwierige Friedensprozess in der Ostukraine sowie weitere Hilfen für seine Regierung. Er kommt mit klarer Botschaft. [mehr]

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from – Die Nachrichten der ARD

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Showcase your love for Cinderella without looking bibbidi bobbidi basic


Disney’s latest live-action reboot, Cinderella, hit theaters on Friday — and while there’s no shortage on tacky ensembles to pay homage, we’re here to help you look less like you scoured your closest discount store for memorabilia, and more like the classy, elegant fangirl you are. Check out these v. chic Cindy-inspired items:

Cinderella leggings

These understated yet intricately detailed tights are a great conversation starter, but in the way you’d want people to be discussing your outfit.

Positive Vibes choker

Cinderella’s choker is hella iconic, but why would you want to wear a boring one when you could wear one like this? Super chill AND a great homage.

Cinderella rave-bra

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.13.10 PM$45, Etsy
Like any raver, you understand the importance of the little bits of clothing that covers your drug-addled body. If you plan on only wearing undergarments, this is a great place to start.

Peasant Cindy dress

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