Can Gaz And Leccy And Smart Meters Change Consumer Perceptions Of Utilities?

Abogado Aly

The momentum behind smart meters is gathering pace and so is the push for consumer acceptance and adoption. Anyone familiar with U.K. Utilities will have seenGaz and Leccy (or Gas Smart Meter, and Electricity Smart Meter – to give their formal titles). These two ?mischievous tykes who run around our homes all day burning energy? are at the forefront of an industry wide PR initiative to convince U.K. consumers that smart meters are the future. Their American counterparts,Carl and Eddy have been employed by Southern California Edison to do the same.

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‘Jane The Virgin’ & ‘Shameless’ Eligible For Comedy Emmy Noms

CBS Sacramento

Half-hour comedies will have some competition after the Television Academy announced that the shows ?Shameless? and ?Jane The Virgin? are eligible to run in the comedy category of its annual Emmy Awards ceremony.

This news changes the rules that were installed earlier this year.

In February, the Television Academy revised its rules, saying that only 30-minute series would be considered for the Emmy comedy category.

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That ruling originally left hour-long shows like Showtime?s ?Shameless? and The CW?s ?Jane The Virgin,? out in the cold. Both networks are owned by CBS Corporation.

However, after producers made a successful petition to an industry panel, the decision to let the Showtime and CW shows run as comedies was reached.

In the past, ?Shameless? was considered a drama before switching to the comedy category in its fourth season. Star William H. Macy…

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9-Point Play? Significant And Strange Rule Changes Proposed In NFL

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Significant changes to the use of video replay, including reviewing all fouls called by game officials, will be presented by the NFL’s competition committee at next week’s owners meetings.

The committee is submitting a proposal by the Detroit Lions that would allow the instant replay system to correct an officiating error. That would include such judgment calls as pass interference. Currently, no penalties are reviewable.

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a member of the committee, made it clear that his peers wouldn’t favor such a change.

“It would be our responsibility on the field whether these are fouls or not fouls,” Fisher said of his fellow coaches. “This (replay review) was never designed to involve fouls.”

New England proposed that everything except scoring plays or turnovers be challengeable. Washington suggested increasing a coach’s number of challenges from two to three, regardless of whether he is…

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