Episode 144: Katie Farris!

The Drunken Odyssey

Episode 144 of The Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about creative writing and literature is available on iTunes, or right click here to download.

In this week’s episode, I talk flash fiction, mythology, Cosmopolitan, the meeting of graphic and written art, and experimental writing with the fabulous Katie Farris,

Katie Farris-2plus Jesse Back writes about his spiritual, romantic, and personal evolution through Will Durant’s The History of Philosophy.

Jesse Back Photo by Daniel Parsons.



The Story of PhilosophyInvisible Cities


The music used with “Forgetting Christianity” is “Bleached Beach” by Noveller, a one person band, that band being the amazing Sarah Lipstate.

The music at the start and finish of this episode was “Rising East” and “Chaotica” by The Bambi Molesters, an amazing surf rock band out of Croatia. “Rising East” is from their 2010 album, As the Dark Wave Swells, and “Chaotica” is from their 2004 album, Sonic Bullets: 13 From…

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