The Itch FM Weekly News Wind Up (#43)

Itch FM is a United Kingdom multimedia website that features the latest hip hop news, interviews and radio shows representing the culture in its entirety. Itch FM is your base for real Hip HopnnThe Itch FM Weekly News Wind-Up is where the biggest urban and hip hop news from the U.S and the U.K. is delivered to you in a fun and engaging way.n nRADIO PLAYER – – FACEBOOK – nn’m Shante, I smile too much! But everybody loves it, so I’m torn between whether to go along with it, develop it or to completely change!nnBorn in the USA (New York City/Queens) I moved to the UK at the age of five (5). Integrating in to the UK lifestyle was easy at the young age, so the whole accent problem didn’t hit with full effect!nnMy talents started with dance. I joined a local dance group (street dance)…

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This is What Happens When You Drop an iPhone 6 Into a Lava Lamp


Tech blogger and popular YouTube channel TechRax recently put an iPhone 6 inside a giant lava lamp just for fun. To see how long the device will keep functioning after it is submerged in the goop, the mischief-maker plays a music video on the phone. The music appears to keep playing for about 40 seconds before a menu with notification alerts drops down and the screen turns black.

His past stunts include boiling an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola or pouring molten aluminum over the device.

[time-brightcove videoid=3775242399001]

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