5 Hamburger Helper Remixed Recipes

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family cooking in the kitchen Source: Hill Street Studios / Getty Images 
There is no mom out there, busy or not, who doesn’t appreciate a few shortcuts that will help them save time and energy. Thank goodness we’ve found the answer for you working mothers with no time to spare. Hamburger Helper offers dinner shortcuts, without cutting out the scrumptious flavor and quality. Your kid will rush to the dinner table once they catch a whiff of these three quick, easy and delicious meals!

From tacos, hashbrowns to mini pies, your little one will be way too excited for supper and your husband will never know that you didn’t slave away in the kitchen. All you need to make these at-home masterpieces are Cheesy Hashbrowns, Cheesy Enchilada and Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper boxes and the following recipes. Remix these classic meals for instant rave reviews from your kids.

1. Cheesy Enchilada Walking Tacos

Cheesy Enchilada Walking Tacos Source:…

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