Preview: The Flash Ep.17 “Trickster”

The Dynamic Buzz!

The Flash,

Season: 1

Episode: 17

Time: Tuesday 8/7c

Air Date: March 31, 2015

Channel: CW

“Trickster”—A copycat killer known as the Trickster sets off bombs in Central City. In an effort to stop him, Barry and Joe seek help from the original Trickster (Mark Hamill), a criminal mastermind who has been imprisoned for 20 years. Meanwhile, Iris asks Eddie to help with a case. In flashbacks, Harrison Wells is shown coming up with the idea for the particle accelerator.

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Fitz vs Simmons: How Marvel Represents Humanity And The Unknown

Laura's Snug

The way that people react to the Unknown is an ever relevant topic. Everyone is different, and the range of responses that people can have to something new can highlight both the most positive and negative sides of humanity.

This is something that the sci-fi genre continually comments on by exploring people’s reactions to the Unknown, whether this be different life forms, new technology or an unprecedented event occurring. The superhero sub-genre takes this further by examining the impact that the reactions that both individuals and the public at large can have upon the Unknown itself – in this case, the unique powers that a hero (or villain) has.

Superhero stories have long presented the range of conflicting emotions and reactions that surround meeting the Unknown. From the X-Men’s dark society in which the government wishes to mark and tightly control the ‘mutants’ to the celebrity status enjoyed by Iron Man, the reception…

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Mad for Ads


Does anyone else find it odd that a very married Julia Louis–Dreyfus plays a desperate, single gal named “Heather” in the latest Old Navy ad?  She’s been married to Brad Hall for almost 28 years.  They have two kids together.  Why would Old Navy choose to portray her as a “character” instead of just being herself?  I thought the whole point of a celebrity spokesperson was to raise a company’s profile.  Who better to support a family brand than the matriarch of a family?  If they wanted a “Heather,” why shell out the dough for a Julia?

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, Dior does almost the same thing with Natalie Portman.  Only in this ad, Natalie is “Miss Dior,” a heartless tart.  On the day of her wedding, she abandons her fiancé at the altar, jumps into a helicopter, enjoys a neck nuzzle and then flies away.  It’s not that…

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Broad City VS. Girls


I tried. I tried really really hard, actually, not to compare Broad City to Girls. I wanted so desperately to not fall into the trap. They are both shows set in New York about girls in their mid-twenties, right? There had to be some similiarities, and of course there are. The similarities are these – both shows are set in New York about girls in their mid-twenties. They both aim to show some kind of reality about what it’s like to be white, twenty-something, and broke. They tried.

I watched Girls a couple of years ago after my friends recommended it to me, and I really liked it. I thought it was funny, candid, and any complaints anyone had seemed to revolve around the whiteness of it all. But as a white girl in her early 20s, it wasn’t too hard to swallow. I saw a lot of myself in both Jessa and…

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