The Ugly Dumpsters

Don Charisma

Even in paradise, there are ugly spots, this is one of them …

In blogging terms, the juxtapose always is an experiment. But sure as eggs is eggs – doing something contrasting and different IS interesting and DOES catch attention.

It also helps alleviate STEREOTYPING and BOREDOM …

CONTRAST makes us appreciate and be able to COMPREHEND beauty, so contrast is probably just as important as the beauty itself ! Beauty, beauty, beauty is BORING, a “one trick pony” …

DIFFERENT means people find it much more challenging to pigeonhole, which means they actually have to pay attention to you … scary thought – not being able to purely respond to one on an autopilot basis ! still, at least they get to exercise their brains, never a bad thing …

My inspiration – A movie I watched about Dylan Thomas. The man made sense to me, more than words…

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