Essay on Pre realism

Trapped on a rock floating in space

The Prerealist logo

The Prerealist logo

Throughout history, there are easily identified periods of revolution, upheaval, and revolt which are undoubtedly linked to an explosion in artistic expression. Eventually, this develops into an organized, coherent movement of some sort. In this manner, World War I spawned dada and surrealism and World War II brought forth existentialism and structuralism. Unfortunately, movements such as these are notably absent from recent times (and when I say recent times I mean the 80’s and the 90’s). This should not come as a surprise; simple reasoning provides many excuses for this absence.

Perhaps most importantly, there has not been a significant revolution, upheaval, or revolt in the last fifteen years. Worst yet, the proliferation of modern technology into all aspects of our lives has drowned us in a sea of overly glamorized, continually recycled information of questionable value – fast-food knowledge. In such a deluge, it is difficult…

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