Education Creeps

jonny walker teaching

Things change in schools and in education – that is one certainty among a fog of uncertainty. These changes are rarely immediate changes from one thing to another. Schools are fluid and their changes have a quite lilting, drifting quality. Sometimes, you can orchestrate these changes – these creepings – but sometimes you can only watch idly as they creep around you. Occasionally, you can divert the creep.

Creep is pervasive. Mission Creep is the most well-known example of the process: after a usually successful action, an organisation continues to ‘creep’ away from its guiding principles into less familiar areas, often with catastrophic consequences (says Wikipedia). Like a twig thrown into a river, once it lands it drifts inexorably with the flows of the water and cannot select its own destination, past a certain point. Perhaps examples of this are Academies which have great success, then are expanded beyond their capacity. Perhaps…

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