New bus shelters ruined

Noruega en Argentina

All over the city, nice new bus shelters have been put in. They are great for everybody – for the older people who want to sit down on the bench, for all of us who want shelter from the rain, and because they give clear information on the bus routes. They are nicely designed as well and a week ago they were put up all over my neighborhood. I was really happy! Then, on Friday, I noticed that every single one of them had been covered in large posters for La Patriada, which is a list presenting candidates to the local elections in Comuna 15, under the Frente para la Victoria umbrella (i.e. pro-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.) Comuna 15 includes Villa Crespo – Paternal – Agronomía – Villa Ortuzar – Chacarita – Parque Chas.

I got SO angry! I am still fuming. I know that lack of respect…

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Election Things…1

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Many times, when I remember certain things, I cannot help laughing out loud. This our elections in Nigeria ‘na season film oo’. Episode one was acted out last week. Next saturday would bring the 2nd episode.
I remember clearly most of the events that took place before, during, and after the first elections. Some were funny, others were risky and others were outrightly vexatious. Well, all those events would fall into the funny category now.
Inec had directed that all ad-hoc staff converge at INEC office on or before 4:00pm on friday, 27th march, 2015 (am speaking for my local government now). Meanwhile, there had been this rumour making rounds that the refreshal course allowance would be paid that day. Naija, chaii, come and see my people. Somebody called me as early as 1pm that he was at Inec office already:o. I didn’t dull my self, I got there around…

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