Further Notes on Pre realism

Trapped on a rock floating in space

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Comparison to Surrealism

Surrealism was clearly a study of objects. By reconstructing – through word, thought, and paintbrush – those overused, commonplace items that surround us in our conscious state, the surrealists attempted to change notions of reality by pointing out the hidden meanings of objects. In this manner, identity was dissolved, dream and reality were mixed, and a new superior reality was created through the transformation of an old product into a new product.

Prerealism, however, concerns itself with the process and not the product. Prerealism does not wish to express a state above and beyond reality since it attempts to describe the mechanism existing before reality. It deals with the creative force within us all that produces those objects that become a part of our reality.

Unlike surrealism, prerealism is not a lifestyle but a form of expression – a summons to create. Prerealism…

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