Mix Rice Day

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I’ll just say due to circumstances beyond my control, today ended up being mix rice day.

Plate Lunch Shrine Plate Lunch Shrine

The Box The Box

Corned BeeF with Gravy, Rice and Egg Corned BeeF with Gravy, Rice and Egg

The corned beef hash locally tends to be more potato-y than corned beef hash-y. Dunno if it’s the Japanese influence with their croquettes or something elses. Trust me, there’s a hash patty under all that gravy.

The After The After

Ahh! Small-kid time again. 🙂

Bibimbap with Banchan Bibimbap with Banchan

Late lunch from the Korean restaurant near The Cat’s office. Used to be obscenely cheap, now, just reasonable (I guess prices have to go up all over).

The After The After

Everything went in, even the banchan (when you eat alone, you don’t have to share :). )

You may notice there’s not too much kochujang sauce in the dish, I prefer my rice more blonde than red. I like my stomach.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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