Tragic Spring has sprung:


Stand Up Tragedy have lined up four shows in London for 2015, plus we’ll be taking the tragedy back up to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. Sprinklings of tragic seasoning will spice up the performance calendar, with Tragic Winter, Tragic Spring, Tragic Summer and Tragic Autumn each exploring a different theme. Three acts of tragedy, one of which will be guest-curated by a favourite performer, culminate in a series of tasty shows that feed your appetite for the terrible and the sublime.


Tragic Spring will sprout on the 25th of April at the Hackney Attic. Spring is a time of change and transition: for new shoots to grow, old shoots must die! We’ll start the night with an act of Tragic Beginnings featuring BBC Poetry Slam Champion, Sophia Walker. Next we’ll have an act of Tragic Bodies, guest hosted by comedian, writer and journalist, Mathilda Gregory. And…

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