“I don’t know”


Last week was spent with my family, getting away from it in the wonderful isolation of the New Forest in Dorset. Feeding chickens and pigs, avoiding over-curious ponies, getting mild sunburn… And generally not thinking that much about work.

One thread that did come to mind, however, was how three (or four, depending on your views on abbreviation) seem to be at the core of an intelligent approach to most things, but also seem to be so hard to say. “I don’t know”.

We are in a period of oddity. Technology is changing the way in which we interact and communicate. Technology has also changed the way in which international business works so that we now find ourselves in a globalized economy the likes of which has never been seen before. Politics doesn’t really know where it’s at: the former threats of nation-states (Russia, Germany, France…) have disappeared to be replaced…

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