Aussies take over The Independent as The Preatures display uncontainable energy


The PreaturesBy Benjamin Wallen //

The Preatures with The Bots, Bloods //
The Independent – San Francisco
April 7th, 2015 //

Australians invaded The Independent with The Preatures and Bloods bringing their unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll and high energy to SF on a Tuesday night. Tagging along was two-man indie-rock powerhouse The Bots out of Los Angeles, although it sounded at times like they had four members on stage.

Bloods kicked off the night with their first SF show, and these young guys are sure to do great things. With The Bots following them, it was a great run up to The Preatures and leading lady Isabella “Izzi” Manfredi tearing the roof off the venue with an uncontainable energy and a welcoming, fresh sound.

The last time The Preatures were in town, the Giants were playing in the World Series. Let’s hope their return and the mark they…

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