Gov. Aliyu Led Anti-party, He Was The First To Be Swallowed By It – Senator Roland Owie

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FORMER Senate   Chief Whip, Senator Roland Owie has called for the rebuilding of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stating that those who conspired against the party were the first to be swallowed by it.  Owie said that Governor Babangida Aliyu, who led anti-party activities against the party, was o…Gov. Aliyu Led Anti-party, He Was The First To Be Swallowed By It – Senator Roland Owie

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Raw Milk


In the evening, just before the pigs dinner I let them out into the field for a run and a grass munch. There is not a lot of grass yet so there is still a danger of them rooting. So their grass break is not very long. But they eat the whole time.Pigs! Then they are called in for their dinner washing it down with a drink of raw milk.
sheila my big fat pig

Are you pregnant Poppy? (there has been no sign of her coming back into heat but you know I won’t believe it until I see the udder). See how she is losing hair on her back? It may just be seasonal shedding but today I am going to rub all the pigs all over with DE (Diatomaceous earth). If it is an external parasite that should clear it up.
poppy - hereford pig

I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon with the small wire…

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For Girls and Grief | Abigail Staub


The first girl I ever kissed had a mouthful of luring words and veins full of Percocet.
I wore the potent perfume of pineapple vodka on my breath and wilted forward into her lap,
all curled up at the edges like a water-logged book.
We were perched on the end of a leather couch in someone’s basement and the television flickered and buzzed to mask the
piercing pounding of my heartbeat against the rib cage.
Her voice lilted softly in my ear, “Do you want to kiss me or not?” but my skinned, purple knees quivered as I questioned what people would think
when they saw me tangled up in the limbs of some Venus,
and not softly swallowing the saliva of a sweaty, calloused boy.
That was how it was supposed to be,
when you were sixteen with red lips and black stockings,
slurring empty proverbs to strangers.
Still, I…

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