Mike Huckabee to announce his bid for the Presidency on May 5th?

America's Watchtower

 According to this story Mike Huckabee is going to announce his intentions on a Presidential bid on May 5th. Here is more:

“I will announce on May the 5th, in my hometown of Hope, Arkansas, what my plans are going to be and I’ll let everybody — just say come to Hope on May the 5th, you’ll find out what’s going to happen” he stated.

Huckabee added, “I don’t think anybody should enter into a decision that is this monumental, not just for me, but for my entire family, without a lot of prayer, a lot of thoughtful consideration, a lot of consultation with friends and family members, and so all of that is a very important factor in leading up to the decision that I will make and make clear on May the 5th.”

  So, what is his announcement going to be? Will he run or will he not…

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