That ex-Reed student who wouldn’t shut up about rape has been arrested for sexual abuse, harassment

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Hey, remember that Reed College student who somehow got national attention for being booted from a class discussion section because he wouldn’t shut up about rape? The guy that right-wing news outlets — including The National Review and the New York Post — heralded as a martyr to free speech, even though it was clear to anyone who looked into the story even a little bit that the guy in question was a bit … off?

Well, Katie Baker at Buzzfeed now reports that Mr. True, now an ex-Reed College student, “was arrested on Thursday by the Portland, Oregon police for alleged sex abuse, harassment, and disorderly conduct” after, er, behaving inappropriately at a girls’ rugby game.

As Baker explains,

According to an employee at Rugby Oregon, a youth rugby organization based in Portland, True was arrested for disrupting a high school girls’ rugby practice. He was restrained by a…

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Talent and experience shows in their sound,

In the hall of fame is where they are found.

Multiple instruments most of them play,

This comes out of the music into our day.

Such a gift given to ones life,

Too share with the world tunes that they write.

Close your eyes and too the music just listen,

Know now in your mind this thing that’s been missing.

As Steuart gets them going with his electric guitar,

The rest do their own thing, that’s just whom they are.

Whether it be rock, or country, maybe a love song or two,

Music of the Eagles is what’s listened too.

Steuart Smith, Glen Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit.

Keith Garrett

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Johnson City Man Charged with Improper Influence of a Juror

JOHNSON CITY – An investigation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in a Johnson City man being charged with extortion and trying to influence a juror.

At the request of 1st District Attorney General Tony Clark, TBI Special Agents and deputies with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office began investigating Wayne Morris, Jr., on April 16th. During the course of the investigation, Agents developed information that on April 14th, a former juror on a 2014 Washington County murder trial received a cell phone call from a number later identified as belonging to Morris. The juror was threatened and told to change their vote on that case, which had resulted in a conviction.

Today, Wayne Morris, 28, was charged with one count of Retaliation for a Past Act, one count of Extortion, one count of Improper Influence of a Juror, and one count of Stalking. The Johnson…

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