Meek Mill Talks Nicki Minaj And Solitary Confinement With ‘XXL’

101.1 The Wiz

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Source: Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty
From his latest tour a whirlwind courtship with Nicki Minaj, there has been no shortage of Meek Mill headlines since the Philadelphia-bred rapper was released from jail in December 2014. In an exclusive Q&A with XXL magazine, Meek touched on losing his freedom for five months, and he was incredibly candid about his outlook on life once he regained his freedom.

“Me, really, I was confused, trying to be somebody in the street, make people in the streets look at me in a certain way, at the same time, I’m rapping,” Meek said. “But that ain’t what I do no more.”

Meek Mill shed light on his relationship with the judge who sentenced him as well as his probation officer, who both caught wind of previous incidents in an A$AP Rocky video, and an alleged confrontation at his house involving Chris…

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