Onset of Dementia


Onset of Dementia

(originally posted on March 3, 2015, this poem means a lot to me)

About four and a half years ago my grandpa died
Obviously my grandma couldn’t  bare it and she died inside
She eventually had to sell her house where all of her memories for 50 years had once reside

Now for the past two years she has lived in a nursing home
Where her body moans because she has ms and she cannot move her leg bones
Not only that, but her memory is fading
And her brain is evading
But the thing she remembers the most is how much she loves me
Every time she sees me she asks me constantly

what I’m going to do with myself
I always tell her that someday
I’m going away
To become a Bio-Medicle engineer
I want to get my doctors degree, so I will be back…

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