Snowed – Part 49

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogThe police come over, yet again, to investigate the rock through the window and the damage to Mikes’ Jeep. The female police officer isn’t sure whether to lecture and condemn him for his behavior or not. Mike does his best to convince her that he’s not as big a jerk as he seems.

I was suddenly very glad I hadn’t let my baser instincts take over with Deidre. I could look this woman in the face and not have to lie to her.

“You got that thing under control?” She stared at my pants like I had a lethal weapon in there.

“I’m working on it,” I said with a cocky smirk.

“But you still got another woman? This is woman number three?”

“Yes. But if things work out, she’s my one and only.”

“Mm hm.” She looked skeptical.

“Look, I made some mistakes over the last week. I just…

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