The Most Helpful Guide To Being Likable (25 tips)


I was a shy kid when I was younger.

I wasn’t exactly normal. I had a blood disorder and I had a special teacher in class because I had trouble learning and fitting in.

Also, I had ridiculously curly hair, it was an afro.
Why did my parents let me have an afro!?

The worst part is that hair would be so awesome right now.
I was ahead of my time.

Needless to say, I just wanted some love… Or at least some like.

We all want to be liked, right? These days people generally like me, but sometimes I still feel like that weird kid with the curly hair. I’m still hoping to be liked every day.

So that is what I’m here to do today, help all the weird people become more likable… Okay, normal people can read this too.
Who am I kidding, NO ONE is normal!


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Weird Panic Attacks During Sleep


Something I ve noticed over the past year and a half, is that when ever I get stressed out more then usual, I ll sleep walk . The thing is, it s always the same story: I jump out of bed and I panic, thinking that I m chocking on a tooth pick, a needle, a rock, etc. Half the time I have no clue it happened. I still live with my parents. The first time it happened, I apparently jumped out of bed and started panicking, slammed my door open and basically kicked down my mom s door, freaking… Weird Panic Attacks During Sleep

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UFO in Alberta Skies – What is this Object??

The Paranormal Explorers

 Submission to us by our good friend, Malcolm Soosay from Maskwacis

April 15th, 2015

While playing golf with some friends, we noticed a strange plane flying high above us. We kept playing, but realized the plane was going back and forth, east to west almost.

Airplane with strange object near it Airplane with strange object near it

Finding it strange, I decided to snap some shots. The plane continued to fly circles and then headed east, not to return. It was only later upon reviewing the pics that I found a metallic object and bright lights. I wondered if the plane knew about the objects and/or were actively playing with them.

I provided the pics so you can make your own mind up. And, since seeing is believing, what we are seeing is very strange. So now whenever I hear a plane, I also take pictures because you never know what you will capture.

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The Winds by George P. Flick

The H. P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum

I’d heard some strange tales on the prairie, but none quite as weird as the winds. There was an old man who lived out by dead oak pass, an old prospector. One night he showed up at my door, he was pale white.  I brought him in and made him coffee, his eyes where wide and blood shot, his hands shanked slightly. It was some time till he spoke a whisper.  At first it’s in the wind was all I could hear. What’s in the wind?  The souls of the lost ones. In a raspy gasp, he said could I not hear them? I looked outside there was no noise, not even a breeze, I turned to him and asked him “when was the last time you slept?” His response was strange: “How could anyone sleep in this wind.”  It happen rather quickly, he stood straight up and said “They’re here.”…

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Modern Mouse Radio #79: More Weird Stories from Disney Parks

Modern Mouse Radio


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This week’s episode is the 4th installment of the Weird Stories series we started way back on Modern Mouse Radio #26. Angie and Josh discuss six weird stories this week about what’s happened at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Recent news came out that a woman in West Virginia is claiming that the Walt Disney company has planted a chip inside her body and she is suing the company because she has spent too much money at Disney parks.

We took this story and decided to hit the Front Page of the Internet, aka Reddit, for some other stories. There are tons of posts from current or former cast members and we had a blast reading through them. We figured we would pick 5 to go along with the original story for this episode!

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Josh Taylor

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