GE2015 minus 16: fictional interlude #2

budgie's perch

As I sit in front of the keyboard, it’s just after half-past eight and this is the first chance I’ve had since this morning to write. What’s been occurring? Well, stuff. That’s it, really. But today just got completely away from me, and as a result I’m entirely at a loss as to what’s happened today in the various parties’ election campaigns. Now, while I’ve never claimed to be an expert on the policy proposals, I don’t really want to write something which, in hindsight, and with half an hour of the right research would be accurate, but that if I write it now, ignorant of the day’s events, would do nothing so much as prove to everyone I’m an idiot. I don’t mind my friends knowing I’m an idiot, but I’d rather not prove it to too many others tonight.

So, with your forebearance, I’ll provide you with a…

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