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Well today was nksnksrnrekey .

Had a dumb 3 hour long FFA banquet , seriously . If you’re going to have a banquet for that long AT LEAST get comfortable chairs . My butt did not appreciate the coldness of a metal chair since I was in a dress .

School tomorrow , yuck . I mean , who in the hell wants to be somewhere at 7;35 am & stay in the same place for 8 hours ?! HELLO NOBODY .

I get it , we have to have an education to get good jobs . But 8 hours of my life is seriously not worth it . I would rather be at school at 10 am , that would make me so much happier .

Seriously ranting about school , I am so sorry everyone xD

But yeah , this is going to be one of my shortest…

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American symphony orchestra from the Carnegie 

Henrietta's happiness and freedom

the american symphony orchestra is comprised of many ‘older’ players

the boston symphony orchestra was quite young

my favorite was the world premiere of cantares ~ (the last piece on the program)

at that time i was very much in the fever – plus riding the bike from brooklyn to the carnegie in less than 30 mins

i struggled to stay awake with my head lying on the back of the chair , with my eyes closed

then i found the ‘layer’ of this composition and performance was very clear

especially when the chorus came out

their different layers of voice (female layer/male layer) were so transparent

almost like glazing , veil or layers from watercolor

when they entered , they sounded like a transparent scarf flying from far away towards me

a different kind of feeling than percussion and wind – their sound is so clear, firm, and tangible

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Dos and Do Nots for Weird Times

The Elizabeth Press


I haven’t written in a while due to a very weird few weeks that I have recently experienced, which has inspired me to write this post. Over the past 4 or 5 weeks, I have had a lot of different things impact me emotionally. There were times when I was on Could 9, times that were hilarious, and other times when I was in absolute despair. There was happiness, sadness, stress, good news, bad news, and lots of random other things. It was a compilation of moments, days, thoughts, experiences, and situations that led to very raw emotions. Many different things occurred during this one time frame that I hardly experience even yearly, so there was a lot going on. It’s not like it was an AWEFUL few weeks; but it was just very, very different from my norm and left me a little bewildered at times. All I can say is that…

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Ughhh (No picture today , using a school computer)


School is seriously such a drag . Its only 8;33 & I am here until 2;35 .

Then my step-sister decides to tell me I have a doctors appointment today last minute .

I made plans & you decide to tell me last minute . Don’t you guys hate when someone tells you you have to do things last minute ? I mean , she tries to act like my mom or something .

Oh yeah ,

I don’t know if I should tell you this but to some what I just explained might be confusing .

I was wanting to keep it in but there’s no point .

So , last month on March 13th my mom passed away .

Okay now you guys know .

I honestly don’t want pity or sympathy . I just thought I should be honest even though I’m not telling you my name…

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