UFO in Alberta Skies – What is this Object??

The Paranormal Explorers

 Submission to us by our good friend, Malcolm Soosay from Maskwacis

April 15th, 2015

While playing golf with some friends, we noticed a strange plane flying high above us. We kept playing, but realized the plane was going back and forth, east to west almost.

Airplane with strange object near it Airplane with strange object near it

Finding it strange, I decided to snap some shots. The plane continued to fly circles and then headed east, not to return. It was only later upon reviewing the pics that I found a metallic object and bright lights. I wondered if the plane knew about the objects and/or were actively playing with them.

I provided the pics so you can make your own mind up. And, since seeing is believing, what we are seeing is very strange. So now whenever I hear a plane, I also take pictures because you never know what you will capture.

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