Genius, or Gratuitous?

Indigo jones

Sometimes someone comes along and invents something so obvious, we wonder why nobody thought of it before. Often they are game changers, but sometimes, they are just another thing to spend money on that we don’t really need.  These are just a few of the latest new products we’ve stumbled upon that fall into that bucket.

Almost every woman I know with long hair either has an elastic hair tie around their wrist, or the tell tale red ridge where said item has left it’s mark.

The husband and wife team behind BitterSweet Jewelry has tackled the hair tie dilemma, by introducing a bracelet with an indented area designed to hold those little elastic bands until you need them. It is a case of form meets function, and allows those little necessities to blend seamlessly into your arm party.


These bangle style bracelets come in a variety of metals and range from…

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