Libya war causes refugee tragedies, pretext for new oil war?

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This video says about itself:

West & Arab countries fueling proxy war in Libya for oil contracts -Middle East researcher

22 February 2015

The spiraling chaos in Libya and the recent beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) have led to calls for a new military intervention in the country. And while the international community mulls the option of arming various factions, groups like IS are expanding their foothold. What can be done to stop Libya’s slide into anarchy? Oksana is joined by Jason Pack, Middle East researcher at Cambridge University, to unravel these issues.

By Martin Kreickenbaum:

As refugee death toll mounts, EU and US plan new military actions in Libya

22 April 2015

The European powers and Washington are responding to the mass drownings of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea with an intensification of the same criminal policies that…

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