Sunrise Memories

The Tales of Daniel the Dutiful

So, this morning I woke up to see the sunrise.  I didn’t bring a phone or a camera with me, I woke up, grabbed a jacket and sat on the picnic bench behind my house while the sun broke the surface of the mountains.  Lot’s of sounds began to occur.  The Roosters began to sing their horrendous songs, and Dominic, my neighbors donkey, sang the song of his people as baby goats stretched their legs and began to jump on one another.   I’m not the most cheerful morning person, mostly because I just went to be a few hours before decent human beings wake up for the day, but I really wanted to just sit and watch the sunrise today.

However, you never know what’s going to happen, when you wake up early to watch the sunrise, and this morning, a memory kept pushing itself into my head until…

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