The Police, the Biggest Drug Pushers on the Planet

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48the_police-greatest_hits-frontal11I know lots of addicts and pushers, and they’ve all told me the same Story. Hundreds of times! And the Story goes like this;

“I was taken with 2 kilos of drugs once, when I came to the Police Station, and was confronted with the drugs, half was gone, and I was never convicted of anymore than 1 kilo. I was happy of course, because that sliced my sentence in half, allowing me to largely escape my sentence though, so I am not complaining!”

The Police lives in a supply and demand World, just like we all do. And the more drugs there are on the streets, the more the idiots will scream for more police, and the more overtime payment the Police Officers will get. In addition, by re-circulating their drugs, back into circulation, through bonds they’ve got with criminal mafia organizations, they can add to their already way too…

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