Patrick Dempsey’s Tearful Goodbye: Working With Ellen Pompeo Was ‘Magic’

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This is so sad! In his first post-‘Grey’s Anatomy’ interview, Patrick Dempsey started to cry while talking about how much he will miss working with Ellen Pompeo.

Patrick Dempsey, 49, is going to miss working with his TV wife, Ellen Pompeo, 45, as much as his fans are going to miss seeing his handsome face on Grey’s Anatomy every week. The man behind Derek Shepherd gave an incredible exit interview to Entertainment Weekly, and when he was asked about working with his leading lady, he teared up. So sad!

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[Twitter|Weibo|Photos|Trans] Jung Yonghwa shared cute selcas after concert in Yokohama (04.24.2015)


150424 yonghwa update-1150424 yonghwa update-2

@JYHeffect: Today’s Yokohama concert. Good Job everyone~~^^*

@JYHeffect: 오늘 요코하마 공연 수고하셨습니다~~^^*150424 yonghwa update-3150424 yonghwa update-4

郑容和89: White in YOKOHAMA [抓狂][抓狂][太开心][太开心][爱你]

Source: JYHeffect @Twitter & JYHeffect89 @Weibo
Translated by: Miryong @cnbluestorm

Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

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