Are Colouring Pencils the Newest Tool For Doctors?

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best pencils Slightly different to the usual Doctors toolkit… Image by Michael Randall on Flickr:

In a recent paper, a group of scientists have investigated a new technique for clinical testing, which seems to largely revolve around using colouring pencils and paper, very similar to the toolkit we (hopefully, if the digital age hasn’t gone too far) all possess for writing, colouring and drawing – but with a few differences of course. The technique is suggested as having the potential to be used by doctors as a diagnostic tool, for example, being able to test blood sugar levels in an individual. The “colouring pencils” also combat a problem often faced when designing new tools for diagnosis, as the diagnostic kit would be portable, and have a long shelf-life.

But these colouring pencils aren’t just ordinary colouring pencils. While they look like the very same ones we would use to complete…

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