Rare mosses discovery in Dutch Brabant

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This video says about itself:

This is part two of my guide to mosses and other bryophytes. Part two provides a general introduction to mosses and how to identify them.

Translated from the Dutch BLWG bryologists:

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

In West Brabant there is a special forest reserve, the estate Mattemburgh. The forest on the estate was planted in 1880. For many decades, there has been no management in the forest, so many fallen trees are found there. On the rotting wood moss experts of KNNV Roosendaal found last year three nationally rare mosses: rustwort, Silesian feather-moss and Riccardia latifrons. Riccardia latifrons is very rare and was so far only known from forests in the Veluwe region.

Walking through the forest, one sees a wilderness of mushrooms, ferns and blueberries. But particularly striking are the many fallen and dead trees, especially pines…

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