Kevin DeYoung Says the Obvious, Which Needed to Be Said


9781433549373A few weeks ago, I (along with several other bloggers, it seems) was contacted by Westminister Theological Seminary’s bookstore and asked if I might be interested in reading an advanced copy of Kevin DeYoung’s (at the time) forthcoming book What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? (Crossway, 2015) and reviewing it on my blog. I told them that I was interested, and they sent me a not-quite final pdf draft of the book. I would imagine that DeYoung and WTS care very little about what an independent Baptist pastor thinks of DeYoung’s book, but I’m going to review it for your benefit, and, at the same time, they know they’re getting a little bit of publicity. Oh, and if you buy a copy (or other books) from from here, I get a (microscopic) kickback. So there you go. A disclaimer of sorts, I guess.
What is most lamentable about DeYoung’s book is…

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