Turning the Blue Screen of Death into Lemonade

The Green Study

There were warnings. I disassembled the machine, reseated all the bits and bobbles, ran scans, dug through registries. Today, the blue screen meant what it said. My computer hard drive is kapoot.

So I write this as a quick administrative note between my cobbled-together Kindle and a Bluetooth keyboard. The Green Study will be empty over the next week, as I fling off my technological habits for gardening and mucking about with various house projects. Instead of driving to any number of tech places, I’ve ordered the drive I wanted online for delivery late in the week.

As for the potential loss of info, there may be a few issues, but I did backups last week and this forced decluttering gives me an opportunity to only reload the essentials that I’m actively using. I use another drive for photos and music, so no losses there.

All in all, this isn’t…

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