Desertscape: Rock formations (6 images to enjoy)

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I have a draw to rocks and rock formations as much as the sky,clouds, water, trees or flowers. Much like the why’s re the attraction to the sky or a river, I can’t clearly explain the draw. The interest in rock formations varies with size, angles and lines, scale, shapes and colors. Whether it is shelter, respite from the wind, the sun, a vantage point or high ground, it attracts.

rock formation-desert-Joshua Tree NP-California-SwittersB

In Joshua Tree NP, the rock formations were most often a draw to the rock climbers. Being one that may get part way up, my problem is getting down…so I don’t venture to far up a rock pile, let alone a vertical face.

Anyway, the contrast of rock formations in a desertscape is  always fascinating. Maybe you have that same interest as well. 

-Desert-landscape-rocks-Joshua Tree-Queen Valley-SwittersB


Joshua Trees-landscape-California-SwittersB


rock formation-Joshua Tree-desert-SwittersB

Joshua Tree NP-contrails-jets-rock formation-SwittersB-2~

Hidden Valley-Joshua Tree NP-photography-desert-SwittersB

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