Kitchen floor. Bedroom tiles.

Ramblings from life

Those days that you just want to lay down and not do a thing, that would be today. I feel so damn lazy but my mind is at work – working on conspiring against enemies, on how to be me. My mind is a war-zone. There is no end to this war. It goes on forever. Once it says stop, the next thing you know it’s screaming go. I never let go. I never really did. I binge eat a lot, which is probably the reason why I call myself fat. I binge eat to forget you but I feel like with every gummy worm I put in my mouth, I lose a part of myself with it. I swallow it. All on the kitchen floor. I surround myself with food cause that’s when I think it’s all good. But then it all comes crashing down, the reality of the…

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