Gastro-Awesome: WildTale Coastal Grill

m! Media & LBH Collective

A Nod Towards Coastal Living.

WildTale Coastal Grill isn’t what one might expect from a Yaletown establishment, honestly it’s all that and more.

LBH had the pleasure of dining with WildTale on opening night, nothing short of spectacular service. Jake & Jesse each showcasing the fine talents of a well-oiled team. You see, although this is a newly established restaurant it’s really the culmination of years of hard work, planning and success for foodie entrepreneurs John Crook & Erik Heck of The Flying Pig.

After successfully opening three locations of The Flying Pig ® business partners Erik Heck & John Crook have realized another dream,taking over restaurant that they previously worked in together and turning it into something new. OpeningWildTale in the former Glowbal Grill space, a place both had worked and grew their respective careers previously, was a considerable check off. “Every chef will tell you it’s a…

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