Singapore Joins Stellar World Rugby Sevens Series Line-Up From 2015-16


Singapore is the latest new venue for the World Rugby Sevens Series 2015-16 to be announced.

World Rugby World Rugby

*Singapore joins 10-destination Series from 2015-16 cycle

*Singapore joins Vancouver, Sydney and Cape Town as a new host on record-breaking Series

*Rugby sevens experiencing record-growth in Olympic qualification year

Singapore is the latest major global city to join the exciting line-up of host destinations for the World Rugby Sevens Series from 2015-16.

The new state-of-the-art national stadium will play host to the world’s top male sevens players ahead of the discipline’s Olympic Games debut at Rio 2016.

A major financial and tourism location, Singapore joins Vancouver, Sydney and Cape Town as a new location on the 10-stop Series within the next four-year cycle.

The announcement comes as rugby participation in Asia continues to grow with 445,000 men, women and children actively enjoying the sport, an increase of nearly one-third over four years.

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While in Vancouver : West-Vancouver

The World on a Wim

The cost of not following your dreams, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had

After exploring Downtown and North Vancouver it’s time to stretch our legs in beautiful West-Vancouver. I visited West-Vancouver only a couple of times during my stay in Vancouver but every visit was memorable.

What I remember from this neighbourhood is a hike in Ambleside Park on Christmas morning with my roommates, a perfect Christmas start if you ask me, especially after that Christmas Breakfast with omelettes and eggnog. Not such a fan of eggnog but if you spike it enough it will be enjoyable at some point.


On the last day of the year a good friend of mine took me on an adventure. We started the trip with a stop at Whytecliff Park, a popular place for divers and a great place to take some pictures. If you climb around the rock…

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Insider’s tips: Beautiful British Columbia. Love from the first sight.

katekizi: living in Luxembourg, exploring the world

Vancouver has been ranked as the best place in North America and number fifth in the world not without purpose. Despite a high standard of healthy living and medical care, Vancouver attracts millions of tourists every year for its beauty and cleanliness. I have been in Vancouver for almost four years and I fell in love with this city as soon as I came out of the airport. The first thing you might notice is the politeness and courtesy of Canadians. Prepare to hear “Sorry” from locals about a hundred times a day. You also wont get lost, because there are a lot of volunteers who work for the government in a high tourist seasons. They have a special uniform and an Ipad to show you directions. The downtown area is very small. It takes 40 min to walk from one end to another. The public transportation operates in Vancouver…

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Tales from the Great and Glorious Pig War of 1859

Commonplace Fun Facts

the-pig-war-720x340History is replete with stories of wars that were fought over the love of a woman, the quest for power, and ideological differences. In 1859 two of the world’s greatest military powers prepared for battle over a pig.

The San Juan Islands, located north of Seattle, Washington, were part of disputed territory claimed by the United States and Great Britain. Ownership of these islands rested upon ambiguity in the description of the borders defined in the Oregon Treaty of 1846.

By 1859 Great Britain, claiming sovereignty of the islands, turned the real estate over to the Hudson Bay Company, which established a sheep ranch. The United States, also claiming legal possession, opened the islands to settlement.

Citizens of both countries maintained a relatively-peaceful co-existence until June 15, 1859. On that day American farmer Lyman Cutlar found a large black pig digging through his crops, eating his potatoes. Cutlar took decisive…

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