Harry Styles Rides The Bus In Los Angeles? — See Pic

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He couldn’t call Uber? Harry Styles lives a life full of five-star hotels, private jets and incredible wealth, so was that really one of the biggest music stars in the world taking the bus while visiting Los Angeles?

Harry Styles, 21, who is said to be worth $25 million dollars, was allegedly photographed riding the bus with a fare of $1.75 in Los Angeles on April 30.  A fan claims to have spotted the One Direction singer on the bus and took a snap of what looks like it could be Harry’s head, man bun and all. So was it really him?

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Scientists confirm submarine volcanic eruption 300 miles off the coast of Washington State – massive ‘quiet’ lava burst

The Extinction Protocol

Axial Submarine Volcano 1
April 2015SEATTLEMore than 80 scientists from around the world gathered in Seattle last week to discuss a thrilling development: For the first time, seafloor instruments were providing a real-time look at the most active, submarine volcano off the Northwest coast — and all signs indicated it might erupt soon. But even the researchers most closely monitoring Axial Seamount were stunned by what happened next. Beginning Thursday, April 23 — the day after the workshop ended — the new sensors recorded 8,000 small earthquakes in a 24-hour period. The volcano’s caldera, which had been swelling rapidly from an influx of magma, collapsed like a deflated balloon. “All the alarm bells were going off,” said Oregon State University volcanologist Bill Chadwick, who along with a colleague predicted last year that the volcano would erupt in 2015. “It was very exciting.”
Scientists are still debating whether to describe what…

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