contemplating ‘C’ words


sniffYesterday, I got a compliment and I have to admit that I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Being criticized is easier as I don’t need to except it, can argue it or I can learn from it, even if it initially hurts.  But compliments are somewhat different and do tend to make me feel a little bit awkward.

There are three main ways to deal with compliments: acceptance, rejection and deflection. It seems that most of us have a hard time with just gracefully or humbly accepting a compliment paid, as we often feel it makes us come across as boastful, proud or conceited.

But we also know that to reject a compliment outright isn’t the way to go either, as it is just plain rude. So what I do, like so many others, is deflect or dilute the compliment paid. A little “really – I didn’t…

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