150430 – Russia Buying Gold

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Russia, Gold, and Treasuries

Just a few months ago, traders were betting that Russia would have to sell its gold reserves; however, the newest data shows Russia buying more gold than it has since the days of the Soviet Union. By offloading U.S. treasuries and loading up on over 30 tons of gold in March alone, Russia is making a bet against the U.S. dollar.

Crash of the Banks

Grab your pencils and paper because Lindsey Williams is back. This time, his elite friend, after telling his life story, told him that in 2015, the following will happen…
1. The elite will completely bring in the New World Order.
2. There will be violence in Washington.
3. Massive bankruptcies will cause the derivatives to implode causing the crash of the banks.
4. September and October will be the critical months.
5. The Fed…

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