The Disappearing Beaches

This and That, There and Here

Swachh Beachside Story

It was barely two days after Women’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and with hopes expressed for a better deal for oppressed women. Then TOI came out with a prominent Page 3 story that was anything but complementary about societal attitude to the oppressed classes.

A large part of the page was devoted to an ad on tailor made summer holidays starting from anything from for anything between Rs 40000 to Rs 1,25000/- after huge discounts. In the left lower corner of the newspaper was a small human interest story about 2 women toiling to clean 1 km stretch of Thiruvanmayur (read upmarket Besant Nagar) beach on the night of Women’s Day. The story included the photo of Alliamma and Kalaiarasi in action wearing their uniform.

These women work for a private firm and spend Saturday and Sunday nights cleaning up ice cream wrappers, food waste, loose papers and plastic, bottle pieces and cigarette butts…

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