May Day today, London, Bangladesh, elsewhere

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This May 2013 video is called Global May Day: Protests Against Austerity and Deaths of Bangladeshi Workers.

By Harounor Rashid in Britain:

May Day: Linking workers from east London to Bangladesh

1 May 2015

TODAY around the world people will be marking May Day in a variety of ways, in honour of the four workers killed at a demonstration in Chicago’s Haymarket Square in 1886.

The protesters were making a simple demand — they wanted an eight-hour working day, something which now seems normal in many parts of the Western world.

Yet today’s events are about more than just nostalgia.

The continued relevance of the fight initiated by the workers in Chicago revolves around the working conditions of workers today.

Arguing for an eight-hour working day has been simply replaced by the fight over the abolition of zero-hours contracts that are slowly becoming the new norm in Britain.

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