Power Plant Quest for the Internet

Power Plant Men

The electric company in Oklahoma decided late 1995 that it was about time that the employees in the company learn about the Internet.  The company recognized that the vast amount of information on the Internet was very useful and encouraged everyone to start using it.  A request form was available to request access to various features the Internet provided and with your Foreman’s approval, all you had to do was take a short course in Internet Etiquette and you were in (well almost).  The problem with this effort was that no one bothered to teach Plant Management about the Internet, so the “Quest for the Internet” was about to begin.

As the leading computer geek at the coal-fired power plant in North Central Oklahoma I had been accessing the Internet for years.  I had used CompuServe and Telnet to log into the Internet before Internet Browsers and World  Wide Web…

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The End of All Ends

Thom Ingram

The end is coming. Let me join the long line of doomsayers who wish to predict the end of the world. The end is coming.

Sometime in the next five billion years the sun, which is the source of all our energy, will expand and envelop and demolish the earth. Imagine, for a moment, every town and city and house, every historical venue and world-wonder, every layer of sediment, ever fossil, every satellite and all the servers that hold all the knowledge that we have ever known, gone. And probably, nothing we can do to stop it. We are about halfway through the story of this planet. The end is coming.

For a moment though, let’s go back to the beginning. At the start of this planet something happened. There is no way to know, yet, if it has happened on other planets or in other galaxies. But we know…

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Common Running Injuries and How to Prevent Them


Running can be an amazingly effective way to lose weight, torch calories, tone muscles and improve cardiovascular health. Not to mention it can also be a great way to clear your mind, relieve stress and discover your inner strength.

However, it isn’t as simple as just lacing up your sneakers and hitting the trail. If you want running to be a healthy and rewarding part of your lifestyle, you have to make sure that you protect your joints and your feet. Otherwise, you’ll end up throwing in the towel and missing out on all the wonderful benefits running can provide.

Running injuries

Here are the top five running injuries and how to prevent them:

1.Runner’s knee. Runner’s knee presents as pain just below the kneecap. The pain starts when you begin running and then gradually worsens. It may also flare up as you walk up and down stairs or even while you…

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